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Donald Trump’s tweets can’t hurt Amazon, but here’s how the government could crack down

CNBC Keith Hylton President Donald Trump‘s tweets about Amazon aren’t going to make regulatory action against the company more likely, according to antitrust experts… Expert quote: “I still believe there’s a fair amount of independence both within the DOJ and the FTC from the president. The norms and procedures with the agencies don’t change much across […]

FBI Admits It Used National Security Hacking Tools for Ordinary Criminal Cases

Sputnik News Ahmed Ghappour A special report for the US Department of Justice has confirmed the existence of the FBI’s Remote Operations Unit – a super-secret team of hackers who used classified exploits reserved for intelligence operations in ordinary criminal cases… Expert quote: “Using classified tools in criminal cases is risky for all sides.” View full article

W.E.B. Du Bois offers lessons to this generation of citizen activists

Boston Globe Cornell William Brooks During this tumultuous time in America, the youngest Americans are being inspired to become advocates by the most American of tragedies — violence… Expert quote: “Du Bois and today’s citizen activists cannot be judged by whether they kneel before or wave the American flag with uncritical enthusiasm but to the […]