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The Rise of the Working Class Shareholder

Harvard Law School Forum David Webber Expert Article/Post: “In my recently published book, The Rise of the Working Class Shareholder: Labor’s Last Best Weapon (Harvard University Press 2018), I tell the story of a largely invisible group of activists who have learned to use the shareholder power of public pension funds and labor union funds […]

Too Many Corporations Act For The Short-Term. That Should Change

Forbes David Webber As long-term investors, we want corporations to be thinking about the future. Unfortunately, from our vantage point, short-term thinking has become endemic on Wall Street. While CEOs publicly profess their commitment to the long-term interests of shareholders, too often we see how their actions directly contradict their words… Expert Quote: “In my […]

Will Pension Fund Power Be Dissolved?

Public Affairs Council David Webber Public and private pension funds in the U.S. totaled about $20 trillion in 2015. These assets represent “real world clout” that public employees and labor unions “have not wielded for decades,” according to David Webber writing in The Rise of the Working-Class Shareholder: Labor’s Last Best Weapon… Expert Quote: “There are […]

CalSTRS hammers Facebook for entrenching Zuckerberg — but does it have the power to force a change?

 Los Angeles Times David Webber The California State Teachers Retirement System, which carries a huge amount of stock market clout as the state’s second largest public pension fund, recently had some very harsh words for Facebook, one of its largest investments. Expert Quote: “There’s more it can do than divest, and divestment isn’t its best […]

Powerful Investors Push Big Companies to Plan for Climate Change

Scientific American David Webber Fortune 500 corporations like Chevron and Kinder Morgan are facing renewed pressure from climate-focused activist investors. This year some of the most powerful shareholders, which include giant mutual funds, are supporting the push for businesses to respond to climate change. And the prodding has had more effect than ever before. Expert […]

A monkey lost his copyright case—but made strides toward getting animals more legal rights

Quartz Steven Wise A monkey lost his copyright case—but made strides toward getting animals more legal rights… Expert Quote: “For example, the 13th Amendment of the US constitution immunizes us from slavery,” Wise said. “But there is no associated duty for individuals. We are simply assured by the constitution that we can’t be enslaved.” View […]