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State leaders discuss lack of diversity within teaching community

FOX 25 Boston News Travis Bristol State leaders are focusing on diversity inside the classroom after a recent NAACP report showed a substantial lack of teachers of color across Massachusetts… Expert quote: “Schools are disproportionately suspending black and brown children and so black and brown children aren’t even allowed to enter the teacher workforce because […]

There’s One Thing Worse Than Paying Bad Teachers Not to Work

The Wall Street Journal Marcus Winters What should a city do with poor teachers who, thanks to union rules, cannot be fired… Expert quote: “The most difficult-to-staff schools are often those that serve low-income and heavily minority populations. As expected, a disproportionate number of the ATR placements have been at such schools.” View full article

Analysis of 10 years of data found that the number of teachers in Massachusetts public schools is highly responsive to changes in the economy, leading to a fluid student-teacher ratio

Worcester Telegram Travis Bristol No mentorship is perhaps more vital and sensitive than that between a teacher and their student… Expert quote: “Many school districts, public school districts, particularly those in working-class areas, were hit hardest by the Great Recession and began to lay off teachers.” View full article

Reductionism Rampant

National Review Charles L. Glenn Jr. A secular, mechanistic worldview raises more questions than it purports to answer… Expert quote: “Glenn’s crucial distinction is between procedural ‘secularity, rightly understood as a legal and political arrangement of neutrality toward religious and other convictions, consistent with a pluralistic society,’ and secularism as a militant, intolerant, essentially totalitarian […]

Bullied teens twice as likely to bring weapons to school

Reuters Melissa Holt One in five teens are victims of bullying, and these adolescents are about twice as likely to bring guns and knives to school than peers who aren’t bullied, a U.S. study suggests… Expert quote: “They do suggest that bullying victimization alone is not necessarily associated with increased risk of weapon carrying, but […]