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How to use Google Trends to track labels and reveal hits, duds

Boston Globe (subscription required) Fernando Suarez, School of Management Stine Grodal, School of Management Before introducing a new product to an emerging industry, companies should track the evolution of category labels in that industry. And to track the trends and dynamics over time within an emerging industry, the easiest method is to use Google Trends, […]

Coinbase Exec Resigns as Company Faces Criticism

Washington Free Beacon Mark Williams, School of Management The chief compliance officer at a hotly watched bitcoin startup has resigned, shortly after the company came under criticism for its outreach to investors and consumers… Expert quote: “Time will tell, whether [Coinbase is] truly going to be embracing regulation, consumer protection, really caring about the consumer, […]

Judgement-led approach to conduct risk capital draws criticism Mark Williams, School of Management The UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) looks set for a scuffle with the country’s biggest banks over its proposal to use mostly “supervisory judgement” to determine how much capital they must put aside for conduct risk… Expert quote: “I think it’s a new frontier, and regulators have come to […]

Cambridge Restaurant Owner Shames Yelpers Who Berated Staff

WBZ Georgios Zervas, School of Management Turning the tables on negative reviews. One restaurant owner is saying enough is enough when it comes to Yelpers who, he says, abuse the system… Expert quote: “Most people do not walk in and threaten restaurants with a bad review. I think it’s more rare to use social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to […]