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The lessons of the camps

The Express Tribune Muhammad Zaman In Zahle, about an hour from Beirut, is an informal settlement of Syrian refugees… Expert quote: “Humility in recognising that engineering alone will never solve the biggest challenges of our time, and humanity in knowing that if the solution does not ease the suffering of the humans in the crosshairs […]

Who owns the university?

Express Tribune Muhammad Zaman A question that is perhaps not asked often, but is increasingly becoming an important one, is that who owns a public university in Pakistan? Expert quote: “With population bursting at the seams and an exponential rise in the number of vehicles on the road, better roads are needed for the citizens.” […]

No incentive to engage

The Express Tribune Muhammad Zaman The early 2000s saw a dramatic shift in Pakistan’s higher education sector… Expert quote: “At a time when there is a tremendous need for the universities to play a more constructive role in social cohesion, in tackling complex problems and in ensuring that their knowledge reaches beyond their gates, universities […]