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Platform Revolution And Digital Transformation: Don’t Become The Next Unicorn

Forbes Marshall Van Alstyne, Questrom School of Business It seems that every Silicon Valley conversation, every software pitch deck, every article on digital transformation must mention these unicorns… Expert quote: ““Platforms are overtaking energy and banking on the Fortune 500,” Van Alstyne said.” View full article

In age of Spotify and Netflix, will readers pay for ad-free news stories?

Christian Science Monitor Marshall Van Alstyne, Questrom School of Business Blendle, a Dutch news aggregator, is offering readers irritated by news paywalls and web ads a novel solution — paying a small fee to read an individual article… Expert quote: “Putting micropayments on news is like putting tollbooths on an open ocean. News is not like […]

Would you pay for journalism if you could get your money back on clickbait?

The Verge Marshall Van Alstyne, Questrom School of Business For more than a decade, newspapers and magazines have been struggling to make up for plummeting revenues from print advertising… Expert quote: “News is not like an iTunes song; it’s perishable. Today’s front page is tomorrow’s fish wrap, and we don’t need to replay it.” View full […]