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Prince William Might’ve Just Dropped A Major Hint About The Royal Baby

Huffington Post Arianne Chernock Prince William might’ve let a major hint about the royal baby slip out at the Aston Villa soccer event on Tuesday… Expert quote: “If you look at the names of their two children ― 18th-century Hanoverian names with George and Charlotte ― you see they’re very classic, very traditional. So I would expect […]

Top Somali Politician Steps Down, Avoiding Showdown With President

The New York Times Michael Woldemariam The speaker of Somalia’s Parliament resigned on Monday ahead of a no-confidence vote, sparing the country a repeat of the armed standoff last week that threatened to descend into violence… Expert quote: “There has been gridlock within central government institutions going back four or five years, and constant feuding […]

Yamashiro, a century-old Japanese-style castle in Hollywood, tests limits of cultural appropriation debate

Los Angeles Times Alice Tseng The Reclining Buddha Roll arrived on a spare white plate, a chilled log of rice and shrimp sliced and stacked to approximate the lumpy outline of a Buddha on his back, each piece dotted with what appeared to be Sriracha sauce… Expert quote: “I’m kind of speechless looking at it. There […]

Researchers: Please Stop Peeing in Walden Pond

NECN Richard Primack Walden Pond is supposed to be a serene setting, but researchers say placid does not mean pristine and human urine is taking a toll on the iconic Massachusetts locale… Expert quote: “Eventually, the water will get cloudy with algae, and there might be scum on top of the pond. We really need to […]

Scientists Spot the Ghostly Aurora Footprint of Jupiter’s Moon Callisto Dolon Bhattacharyya Three of Jupiter’s most massive moons have created auroral bursts in the planet’s atmosphere, but any footprints created by the fourth have remained a challenge to spot… Expert quote: “These moons then act as conductors in a rapidly changing magnetic field environment, and act like a battery with positive potential at one […]

Are You a U.S. Citizen? How a 2020 Census Question Could Affect States

The New York Times Maxwell Palmer The Trump administration last week announced that it would add a citizenship question to the decennial census in 2020, citing the need for more granular data for determining Voting Rights Act violations… Expert quote: “In an extreme case, in which 100 percent of Hispanic noncitizens did not participate, a […]

Why Americans are obsessed with the British royal family

CNN Arianne Chernock There are plenty of folks in the United States who are excited about Prince Harry’s upcoming wedding to actress Meghan Markle… Expert quote: “That stems, I think, from our shared paths and this sense that to some extent Americans were part of this narrative, part of this story.” View full article

U.S. lands a ‘body blow’ on Kremlin spy network

Boston Herald Robert Loftis The expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats identified as intelligence agents and the closing of the Russian consulate in Seattle is a “body blow” for Kremlin spying on U.S. soil, but tit-for-tat recriminations and increased tensions are likely as the cycle of retaliation heats up, security experts say… View full article  

Asparagus Pee Is Real, But Only Some Of Us Can Smell It

The Huffington Post Ian Davison Everyone’s pee smells like asparagus after they digest it. Deny this all you like, but those green stalks contain something called asparagusic acid, among a couple other compounds, that gives urine that unique odor… Expert quote: “We all have our own idiosyncratic smell perception of the world. Our experience of different smells is […]