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Donald Trump’s Business Dealings Test a Constitutional Limit

New York Times Jay Wexler, School of Law Not long after he took office, President Obama sought advice from the Justice Department about a potential conflict of interest involving a foreign government… Expert quote: “I’ve seen over and over how parts of the Constitution that were considered vestigial or irrelevant for decades or more can […]

Live elevator cam gives C-SPAN a lift

Boston Herald Tobe Berkovitz, College of Communication C-SPAN’s live camera feed of the golden elevators at Trump Tower — showing a parade of media titans and potential White House appointees coming and going — has spawned the hashtag #elevatorcam and a spike in viewers for the usually dry congressional channel… Expert quote: “This is an […]

Despite losing popular vote, Donald Trump won in ‘electoral landslide,’ GOP’s Reince Priebus says

PolitiFact Bruce Schulman, College of Arts & Sciences The margin of Donald Trump’s presidential victory might be merely academic — were it not for his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, and fellow Republicans such as House Speaker Paul Ryan declaring that Trump had won a mandate… Expert quote: “To say that Trump won by a landslide, […]

Professors, Students ‘Uncertain’ About Futures of Undocumented Peers

NBC Latino Rady Roldan-Figueroa, School of Theology For the past week Harvard sociologist Roberto Gonzales has comforted dozens of undocumented students who have called, texted and messaged him asking for guidance in the wake of the Donald Trump victory… Expert quote: “The students are really worried that the President-elect will carry out the promises of […]