Newbury Center Welcome and Orientation – Spring 2024

What is a first-generation undergrad student? 

A student in the first generation of their family to go to college (i.e., a student whose parents/guardians/caregivers did not earn bachelor’s degrees, although elder siblings and cousins may be attending college already or have earned four-year degrees).

What is a first-generation graduate/professional student? 

A student whose parents/guardians/caregivers did not earn a master’s, doctorate, or a professional degree such as a JD or MD.

Here at the Newbury Center, we provide welcome and orientations for new first-gen students to give them a warm welcome to BU. Don’t miss an opportunity to meet and find your first-gen community here at BU!

Held at the beginning of this spring semester, these events introduce students to the resources of the Newbury Center, teach them some ins and outs of being a first-gen student at BU, and help them begin building community. We’ll be hosting an orientation for undergraduate, graduate and professional students on the Charles River Campus. We also will be hosting a Zoom session for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who want to attend virtually. Come and join our Terrier F1RSTS community!

Registration details below!


  • In Person Orientation – Charles River Campus
    • Monday, January 22, 5:30 PM – 7:00PM – STH B24 (“Community Room”) 745 Commonwealth Ave
      Dinner will be provided, receive a free Terrier F1RSTS t-shirt, and win some Newbury Center swag!
  • Virtual Orientation – on Zoom