Resources for the Class of 2027

What is a first-generation student? A student in the first generation of their family to go to college (i.e., a student whose parents/guardians/caregivers did not earn bachelor’s degrees, although elder siblings and cousins may be attending college already or have earned four-year degrees).

Welcome Terriers! We’re excited that you’ve chosen Boston University to embark on your collegiate journey for the next four years.

We are the Newbury Center, Boston University’s first center devoted to supporting and celebrating first-generation college students (Terrier F1RSTS).  The center is located in the heart of campus, at 755 Commonwealth Ave in Suite B18. We are a highly visible, transformative unit of the University, offering programming and services designed to ensure that first-generation students experience the same sense of well-being, belonging, self-efficacy, and academic accomplishment as their continuing-generation peers.

Explore what the Newbury Center has to offer first-generation students:

We’re excited to support you throughout your journey at Boston University. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our director, Maria Dykema Erb (, our assistant director, MC Damm (, or give us a call at (617)353-3400.

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