Terriers in Charge: Brianna Bourne (CAS’24)

Brianna Bourne (CAS’24) grew up in Mattapan surrounded by Caribbean culture. Her neighborhood drew families originally from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica, where her parents were born. So, when the psychology and classics double major arrived at BU, she went in search of a student club that celebrated Caribbean music, dance, and food. 


3/17/23 — Boston, Massachusetts
Brianna Bourne (CAS’24), president of SOCA, Students of Caribbean Ancestry Club
Photo by Cydney Scott for Boston University Photography


What she discovered disappointed her. There had been a student club, SOCA (Students of Caribbean Ancestry), but it had become inactive during the COVID pandemic. Bourne tracked down two students who had been part of the club and they encouraged her to reactivate it and to reach out to the Student Activities Office (SAO) for guidance.


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