Joshua Fox-Fuller, MA

Fourth Year Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology

  • Title Fourth Year Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology
  • Office 900 Commonwealth Ave.
  • Education B.A. in Psychology & Spanish, Texas A&M University, 2017, magna cum laude
    MA in Psychology, Boston University

Research Interests

My primary research focuses on the characterization of the earliest detectable cognitive deficits in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Under the co-mentorship of Dr. Cronin-Golomb and Dr. Yakeel Quiroz (Massachusetts General Hospital,, I am funded by the National Institute of Aging F31 mechanism to investigate working memory and its relationship to in vivo AD brain pathology, task-based functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and resting-state fMRI in preclinical autosomal dominant AD and sporadic AD.

Current Projects

  • Relationships Between MRI Cortical Thickness, Episodic Memory, and AD brain pathology in Preseninlin1 E280A Autosomal Dominant AD (principal investigator – Dr. Yakeel Quiroz; co-first author – Federico d’Oleire Uquillas, B.A.)
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Profiles of Adolescent Preseninlin1 E280A Mutation Carriers (principal investigator – Dr. Yakeel Quiroz; first author – Arabiye Artola, M.H.S.)
  • Semantic Working Memory Capacity in Healthy Young Spanish-Speaking Adults (principal investigator – Dr. Yakeel Quiroz, co-first author – Dr. Iván García-Magariño)
  • Relationship Between Visual Short-Term Memory Binding and In-Vivo Amyloid-ß in Clinically Normal Older Adults (principal investigators – Drs. Yakeel Quiroz, Reisa Sperling, and Keith Johnson; summer scholar mentee – Alan Marquez)
  • Qualitative Experiences of Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease and their Care-partners (principal investigator – Dr. Alice Cronin-Golomb; project leader – Shraddha Kinger, M.A.

Relevant Experience

As an undergraduate at Texas A&M University, I worked with Dr. Steve Balsis to use Item Response Theory statistical techniques to analyze data from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI). My Honors thesis focused on the Alzheimer’s-related sequence of neurodegeneration in sub-regions of the temporal lobe. My later work centered on determining which neuropsychiatric symptoms were most strongly associated with Alzheimer’s-related cognitive decline (Fuller et al., 2019). My senior year, I also joined the lab of Dr. Annmarie MacNamara. In this lab, I gained valuable neuroimaging experience with EEG as we investigated the event-related correlates of cognitive reappraisal techniques toward emotionally salient stimuli in individuals with psychiatric conditions and healthy controls.

For the past two years of my doctoral training I have been part of Dr. Quiroz’s ongoing longitudinal study of the cognitive and biomarker profiles of Preseninlin1 E280A Autosomal Dominant AD. Participants in this study travel from Colombia, South America to Boston for neuroimaging (MRI, PET) at MGH. When participants are in Boston, I and other members of the lab help execute the study procedures, and I specifically commonly administer several computerized cognitive tests.

Hobbies and Interests

During the warm months, I enjoy playing tennis, kayaking, and taking my dog to the Middlesex Fells Reservation. In the winter, I enjoy skiing with family and friends. Attending an SEC west school made me a huge NCAA football fan, but each year you will find that I’ve probably had my heart broken by Texas A&M football. I also play the piano, enjoy taking photographs, playing board games with friends, and watching an eclectic selection of TV shows (Game of Thrones, Madam Secretary, most game shows, the Bachelor/ette).

Publications and More

Publications (including submitted) and book chapters

Fuller, J.T., Choudhury, T.K., Lowe, D.A., Balsis S. for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (in press). Hallucinations and delusions signal Alzheimer’s associated cognitive dysfunction more strongly compared to other neuropsychiatric symptoms. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B.

Fuller, J.T., Cronin-Golomb, A., Gatchel, J.R., Norton, D.J., Guzmán-Vélez, E., Jacobs, H.I.L., Hanseeuw, B., Pardilla-Delgado, E., Artola, A., Baena, A., Bocanegra, Y., Kosik, K.S., Chen, K., Tariot, P.N., Johnson, K., Sperling, R.A., Reiman, E.M., Lopera, F., Quiroz, Y.T. (2019). Biological and Cognitive Markers of Presenilin1 E280A Autosomal Dominant Alzheimer’s Disease: a Comprehensive Review of the Colombian Kindred. Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease; 6(2):112-120.

Quiroz, Y.T., Ospina, P., Torres, V.L., Fuller, J.T., Saldarriaga, A., Piedrahita, F., Navarro, A., Lopera, F. Dementia Diagnosis, Treatment and Care in Colombia. (in press). In: Tazeau YN, Adames HY ed. Caring for Latinos with Dementia in a Globalized World: Behavioral and Psychosocial Treatments. Springer publisher.

Fox-Fuller, J.T.*, Uquillas, F.D.*, Aguero, C., Jacbos, H.I.L., Torrico-Teave, H., Hampton, O., Guzmán-Vélez, E., Vila-Castelar, C., Aguirre-Acevedo, D.C., Baena, A., Artola, A., Martinez, J., Alvarez, S., Su, Y., Reiman, E.M., Sperling, R.A., Lopera F., Dickerson, B.C., Johnson, K.J., Quiroz, Y.T. (submitted). Cortical Thickness and Tau PET in the Colombian Autosomal-Dominant Alzheimer’s Disease Kindred.

Artola, A., Pulsifer, M., Fox-Fuller, J.T, Ramirez, D., Londono, N., Aguirre-Acevedo, D.C., Buckley, R.F., Baena, A., Uquillas, F.D., Martinez, J., Arboleda-Velasquez, J., Chen, K., Langbaum, J., Tariot, P., Reiman, E., Lopera, F., Quiroz, Y.T. (submitted) Cognitive abilities and behavioral profiles of Presenilin-1 E280A Mutation-Carrying Adolescents from the World’s Largest Autosomal-Dominant Alzheimer’s Disease Kindred.


Posters and Presentations  

Fuller, J.T., García-Magariño, I., Baena, A., Artola, A., Palacios-Navarro, G., Quiroz, Y.T. (2019).  Differences in the Relation Between Education and Reaction Time on a Mobile-Based Cognitive Assessment of Working Memory: Results from Spain and Colombia. Latinos and Alzheimer’s Disease Symposium. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Bocanegra, Y., Guzmán-Vélez, E., Baena, A., Artola, A., Gatchel, J.R., Pardilla-Delgado, E., Fuller, J.T., Sperling, R.A., Johnson, K., Lopera, F., Quiroz, Y.T. (2019). Visual Memory performance is associated with markers of brain pathology in Preclinical autosomal dominant Alzheimer´s disease. International Neuropsychological Society. New York, NY.

Guzmán-Vélez, E., Martinez, J., Norton, D.J., Baena, A., Pardilla-Delgado, E., Castelar, C., Fuller, J.T., Artola, A., Chen, K., Lopera, F., Sperling, R.A., Reiman, E., Johnson, K., Quiroz, Y.T. (2019) Relation of Cardiovascular Risk Factors to Markers of Pathology and Memory in Autosomal Dominant Alzheimer’s Disease: Fidnings from the COLBOS Project.  Poster presentation at Human Amyloid Imaging Conference. Miami, FL.

Fuller, J.T, Lopera, F., Norton, D.J., Baena, A., Guzman-Velez, E., Pardilla-Delgado, E., Quiroz, Y.T. (2018). Executive Function Performance Associated with Tau Accumulation in Individuals with Autosomal Dominant Alzheimer’s Disease. Biennial Cognitive Aging Conference. Atlanta, GA.

*Fuller, J.T., Choudhury, T., Balsis S. (2016). The Neuropsychiatric Inventory Increases Precision When Measuring Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type. 36th annual National Academy of Neuropsychology Annual Conference. Seattle, WA.

Fuller, J. T., Lowe, D., Ali, K., LaMasters, A., Morales, J., Jimenez, C., Santiago, K., & Balsis, S. (2016). Poor Performance on Memory Tests Indicates Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type Before Performance on Measures of Other Cognitive Abilities. Poster presentation at Texas A&M University Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Session. College Station, TX.

**Balsis, S., Choudhury, T., Lowe, D. A., & Fuller, J. T. (2016). Statistically Modeling Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology as a Function of Volumetric Changes in Major Brain Regions. Poster presentation at Texas A&M University’s Student Research Week. College Station, TX.

*Student Poster Award: 1 of 5 student poster awards given by the NAN 2016 judging committee.

** 1st place among graduate student posters in social sciences: Awarded by the Texas A&M SRW committee.

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