Category: Publications

New Article from Lei Tian

Professor Tian, et al. have recently been published for their paper on “Asymmetric metasurface photodetectors for single-shot quantitative phase imaging.” Read the full article here: ABSTRACT: The visualization of pure phase objects by wavefront sensing has important applications ranging from surface profiling to biomedical microscopy, and generally requires bulky and complicated setups involving optical […]

New Article from Hadi T. Nia on creating a “Crystal Ribcage”

Hadi T. Nia and his team were part of a new publication on nature covering a “Crystal ribcage: a platform for probing real-time lung function at cellular resolution.” Their advancements now allow for real time study of mouse lung functionality. Read the abstract below, and the rest of the article here: ABSTRACT: Understanding the dynamic pathogenesis […]

New Article from Kamal Sen’s Lab

In a new article as part of the Journal of Neurophysiology, Kamal Sen and his lab have been recently published for their work considering “A robust and compact population code for competing sounds in auditory cortex.” Read the full article here: ABSTRACT – Cortical circuits encoding sensory information consist of populations of neurons, yet […]