Boot Camp

Boot Camp is an immersive summer academic and experiential learning exercise focused on training NRT Trainees in the core tools and techniques of neurophotonics.

All Boot Camp seminars can be found on the sidebar.

  • Fluorescent Indicators (Alberto Cruz-Martin, Biology) – learn about class of molecules that respond to ion binding by changing their fluorescent properties.
  • Microscopy and Imagining Methods (Jerome Mertz, BME) – learn about microscopy techniques most useful in imaging at the molecular scale in complex, highly scattering brain tissue.


  • Optogenetics for Actuating and Silencing Neurons (Xue Han, BME) – learn about the principles underlying the design and engineering of light sensitive proteins for neuronal control and sensing.

  • Optical Control and Imaging of Neural Networks in Vivo (Christopher Gabel, Biophysics and Physiology) – learning about laser surgery and outcomes from the boot camp experiences to observe basic neurophotonics research experiment on C. elegans (nematodes).