GPN Steering Committee

The GPN Graduate Education Steering Committee plays an essential role in graduate admissions every year and is advisory to the Director on all matters of governance which include the establishment and revision of program milestones, curriculum, and matters urgent to the success and well being of student and faculty in the GPN community.

2020 Committee Members:

Shelley J. Russek, “Molecular and Translational Neuroscience”, Professor of Pharmacology, GPN Director

Helen Barbas, “Systems Neuroscience/Behavioral Neuroscience”, Professor of Health Sciences

Valentina Sabino, “Addiction/Behavioral Neuroscience/Neuropharmacology”, Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Ian Davison, “Systems Neuroscience/Behavioral Neuroscience”, Associate Professor of Biology

Jeff Gavornik, “Systems Neuroscience/Synaptic Plasticity”, Assistant Professor of Biology

Marc Howard, “Computational Neuroscience; Behavioral/Cognitive Neuroscience”, Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Kathleen Kantak, “Addiction/Behavioral Neuroscience”, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Nancy Kopell, “Computational/Systems Neuroscience”, Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

Mark Kramer, “Computational Neuroscience”, Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

Sam Ling, “Behavioral/Cognitive Neuroscience”, Assistant Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Tyler Perrachione, “Behavioral/Cognitive Neuroscience”, Assistant Professor of Speech and Hearing

Douglas Rosene, “Systems Neuroscience/Behavioral Neuroscience”, Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology

Chantal Stern, “Behavioral/Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience”, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences