Welcome Class of 2024!

This page is specially curated for you to learn a little bit more about what it’s like to be a neuroscience major at Boston University!


Find necessary information regarding the College of Arts and Science’s practices and procedures in the undergraduate bulletin. You can also find the official requirements for the B.A. in Neuroscience and B.A. in Philosophy and Neuroscience

A total of seventeen (17) courses are required for the Neuroscience major. These courses are offered in multiple departments and colleges including Neuroscience, Biology, Psychology, Computer Science, and Math. A grade of ‘C’ or higher is required in all 17 courses to receive credit toward the major. Students must earn a total of 128 credits prior to graduation (most classes are four credits and most students take four classes per semester).

Students take a variety of foundational courses in both neuroscience and quantitative reasoning (calculus, physics, chemistry) and they get to take a breadth of electives in Neurobiology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Computational Neuroscience. Many of our majors are pursuing a pre-health track and many of our required classes for the neuroscience major overlap, making it easier to plan your classes.

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Many of our classes have a hands-on laboratory component where you are working with enzymes, drugs, and even cockroaches and fruit flies to understand neuroscience concepts. Below, you can listen to two current neuroscience students discuss one of their favorite classes, Integrated Science Experience II where they combined concepts from neuroscience, biology, and chemistry to mimic the drug discovery process to diagnose and cure Alzheimer’s Disease.



Each week we send a weekly update to our students that includes important dates and deadlines, communication about the major, neuroscience related events (at BU and beyond), and research, internship, and job opportunities. You can view our past weekly updates here to get a sense of what we communicate to students.



Information regarding finding jobs, internships, research positions, and potential career opportunities are available here. All BU students have access to Handshake, a tool to connect with employers, other students, alumni, offices on campus and to view job/internship postings and register for events.  Neuroscience majors go on to work and study in a wide variety of fields from healthcare, academia, computer science, education, and more. The foundational skills you learn in scientific reasoning and communication are transferable to a wide-variety of careers.

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Neuroscience Students have the opportunity to participate in neuroscience research labs both on-campus and off-campus at other universities and hospitals in the surrounding area. Students can earn academic credit through a directed study or thesis project, funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, or volunteer/work on their own.

See below for some videos on some of the neuroscience research being done on campus!

Dr. Steven Ramirez (CAS’10), former undergraduate neuroscience student and current assistant professor speaks about his research on memory:

Assistant Professor Dr. Benjamin Scott speaks about his research on evidence accumulation and decision-making:

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Join our vibrant student community and get to know fellow neuroscience students through our Student Organizations. Attend (or help plan!) neuroscience related events, participate in community outreach and share your passion for neuroscience with Boston-area youth through Piece of Mind and Brain Day, two of our large student-run outreach and education events. Find an upperclassman or graduate student mentor through Synaptic Connection, our student-led, neuroscience mentoring program. Publish your original research, creative work, or opinion pieces in the student-produced journal, The Nerve Journal.



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As an interdisciplinary program, the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience has faculty from all different disciplines teaching our neuroscience courses: Learn more about our faculty here and check out student-written profiles of faculty on The Nerve Blog.

The faculty and staff with primary appointments in the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience are found below. These folks will be in charge of teaching some of the foundational courses and electives, teaching the laboratory classes, and advising you throughout your time at BU. Feel free to reach out to us with questions!