Quarrel, artwork by Matt Murphy

  • All Day on Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Quarrel is an art exhibition only visible through the windows on Commonwealth Avenue. In his artwork, Matt Murphy plays with an interchange between sculpture and painting. In his multi-canvas paintings such as Rabble and Quarrel, Murphy strives to disrupt the illusion of painting by inserting the wall in between elements, allowing viewers to see the artwork as a physical object before immersing themselves in the painted illusion. In naming his artwork, Murphy plays with language and only hints at concepts that he sees being revealed in the composition. However, he prefers to keep the interpretation of his works open by often titling his works with double meanings. Murphy finds that the most important role of an artist is to attempt to translate a personal life experience through their art whether the attempt is successful or not.
808 Gallery (windows only) 808 Commonwealth Avenue

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