CCS Seminar: Yoshitaka Tanimura, Professor, Kyoto University

  • Starts: 3:00 am on Wednesday, February 21, 2024
  • Ends: 4:30 pm on Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Talk Title: Classical and quantum thermodynamic theory described by a system–baths model: The minimum work and exothermic principles

Talk Abstract: We develop classical and quantum thermodynamic theories based on a system-baths model that can describe isothermal, isentropic, thermostatic, and entropic processes. Our argument is based on the minimum work principle for external force and susceptibility and the minimum exothermic principle for temperature and entropy. Thermodynamic potentials such as the Helmholtz energy, Gibbs energy, enthalpy, and internal energy can then be obtained as the minimum values of work and heat evaluated from quasi–static changes in these intensive and extensive thermodynamic variables, which can be converted to each other by the time-dependent Legendre transformation. Our results are verified numerically by evaluating the thermodynamic potentials for a system described in phase space through the use of the low–temperature quantum Fokker-Planck equations in the quantum case and the Kramers equation in the classical case both developed for the thermodynamic systems–baths model. Finally, the extension of these thermodynamic variables and relations to the full nonequilibrium regime will be presented.

Yoshitaka Tanimura, Professor, Kyoto University
CDS, 665 Commonwealth Ave
Room 1101

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