21 Days of Unlearning Racism and Learning Anti-Racism

  • All Day on Thursday, February 2, 2023
Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs remains committed to building opportunities for inclusive professional development. In order to better prepare members of our community for participating in a more diverse, equitable academic environment, this year we are inviting you to join us again for “21 Days of Unlearning Racism and Learning Anti-racism,” which will begin on February 1, 2023 and run until March 1, in alignment with Black History Month (we will not send content on weekends). This asynchronous program is based on work developed by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. and provides an opportunity for you to engage directly in anti-racist texts and multi-media each day for 21 days. For some of you, this may be indicative of work you are already engaged in. For others, this may represent exploration and discovery. We hope there will be learning and unlearning that will support all of us.
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Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs
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Sasha Goldman

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