MSE Masters Thesis Presentation of Haoyi Hou

  • Starts: 10:00 am on Monday, August 2, 2021
TITLE: Preparation and characterization of alginate-b-PLA hydrogels for biomedical application

ABSTRACT: Alginate is inherently favorable to form hydrogels using divalent cation like Ca2+ or Ba2+ as the crosslinker. Alginate hydrogels have been wildly used in drug delivery and cell therapy because of its biocompatibility, stabilizing, and mild crosslinking reaction. However, there is no enzyme in mammals can degrade alginate hydrogels and it usually took months for alginate hydrogels to degrade which limited its in vivo applications. This study focus on developing an alternative approach to fabricate alginatic hydrogels with controllable degradation kinetics for potential biomedical applications.By conjugating degradable PLA biopolymer to alginate domain chain can incorporate degradation and gelation properties to obtain degradable hydrogels. Furthermore, the degradation mechanism is well studied through mechanical, microstructral characterizations.

COMMITTEE: Advisor: Arturo Vegas, Chemistry, BME, MSE; Mark Grinstaff, BME, MSE, Chemistry, MED; Timothy O’Shea, BME


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