2019 GPN Student Defenses

Ellen Witkowski, PhD

Congratulations to Ellen! 

“Rapid Changes in Neural Function and Cerebral Blood Flow After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury” 


Catherine Moore, PhD

Congratulations to Cassie! 

“The Neurobiological Bases of Compulsive Eating” 

Wednesday, March 6, 10 AM, R-115, 72 East Concord St


Nathaniel Kinsky, PhD

Congratulations to Nat! 

“Long-Term Stability of the Hippocampal Neural Code as a Substrate for Episodic Memory”  

Wednesday, March 6, 2 PM, CILSE 101, 610 Comm Ave


John Bladon, PhD

Congratulations to Jay! 

“The Hippocampus and Entorhinal Cortex Map Events Across Space and Time”  

Friday, March 15, 1 PM, CILSE 101, 610 Comm Ave


Sean Tobyne, PhD

Congratulations to Sean! 

“Network Organization of Sensory-Biased and Multi-Sensory Working Memory and Attention in Human Cortex with fMRI”

Thursday, March 21, 10 AM, CNS B02, 677 Beacon Street


Michael Romano, PhD

Congratulations to Mike! 

“Population Analysis of the Striatum During Voluntary Movement”

Thursday, March 21, 11 AM, BRB 113, 5 Cummington Mall


Kathryn Hixson, PhD

Congratulations to Kathryn! 

“Mapping the transcriptome Of Neuronal Jak/Stat Signaling In Response To Status Epilepticus”

Wednesday, March 27, 11 AM, Bakst Auditorium. 72 East Concord St


Iris Trutzer, PhD

Congratulations to Iris!

“Postnatal Development of Excitatory and Inhibitory Prefrontal Cortical Circuits and Their Disruption in Autism”

Thursday, April 18, 10 AM, SAR 220, 635 Commonwealth Avenue


Marek Kowalski, PhD

Congratulations to Marek!

“Large-Scale Neural Recordings and Biophysical Models for Inferring Network Mechanisms of Ketamine Anesthesia”

Friday, May 03, 10 AM, BRB 113, 5 Cummington Mall


William Mau, PhD

Congratulations to Will!

“Neural Patterns of Hippocampus and Amygdala Supporting Memory Over Long Timespans”

Monday, May 6, 11 AM, BRB 113, 5 Cummington Mall


Austin Soplata 

Congratulations to Austin!

“A Thalamocortical Theory of Propofol Phase-Amplitude Coupling

Thursday, July 11, 3 PM, BRB 113, 5 Cummington Mall


Scott Kuzdeba

Congratulations to Scott!

“Characteristic Time Courses of Electrocorticographic Signals During Speech

Wednesday, July 31, 1 pm, BRB 113, 5 Cummington Mall