Bang-Bon Koo

Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Neurobiology NEIDL Bioimaging Core

Dr. Koo is a member of the NEIDL bioimaging core. Dr. Koo’s background is in bio-medical imaging including medical image processing (volume/shape analysis, segmentation/registration, filtering), and statistical methods.

Dr. Koo’s research interests are in the area of bio-medical imaging and informatics. His goal is to develop a multimodal imaging protocol that allows in-vivo monitoring of tissue inflammatory/immune responses. Currently, three imaging modalities are installed to serve as core live animal imaging equipment in NEIDL BIC. The Bruker 4.7T MRI is customized to apply different types of animal chambers specifically designed for biosafety level 4 research. The Bruker MRI allows up to 100 microns image resolution and covers small–to-mid size animals. The Ceretom CT is capable of fast imaging and covers small to mid size animals. Image resolution is up to 0.6mm and is capable of scanning the whole body of mid-sized animals in less than 30 seconds. By using contrast agents, this scanner offers high sensitivity on soft tissue imaging. Finally the IVIS optical imaging allows both 2D and 3D imaging on small animals. It is designed for high throughput imaging for biosafety level 4 (BL4) research. Based on these imaging modalities, Dr. Koo is working on developing novel imaging protocols to promote in-vivo imaging work in BL4 infectious disease research.

Recently, Dr. Koo has garnered a research grant with the Department of Defense‘s Gulf War Illness research program, which supports building a computer-aided smart database for deciphering neuro-immune interactions in GWI. He is planning to transplant the bio-imaging and informatics framework used in his DoD program to the existing NEIDL imaging core functions. Under the new concept, all of the imaging and image processing attempts will be combined to novel machine learning or artificial intelligence techniques for unravelling core biological features underlying the raw imaging dataset. Dr. Koo is also planning to build a multi-dimensional imaging database on animal models studied at the NEIDL.

Selected Publications

  1. Koo BB, Michalovicz LT, Calderazzo S, Kelly KA, Sullivan K, Killiany RJ, O’Callaghan JP. Corticosterone potentiates DFP-induced neuroinflammation and affects high-order diffusion imaging in a rat model of Gulf War Illness. Brain Behav Immun. 2018 67:42-46.
  2. Koo BB, Bergethon P, Qiu WQ, Scott T, Hussain M, Rosenberg I, Caplan LR, Bhadelia RA. Clinical prediction of fall risk and white matter abnormalities: a diffusion tensor imaging study. Arch Neurol. 2012 Jun; 69(6):733-8.
  3. Koo BB, Hua N, Choi CH, Ronen I, Lee JM, Kim DS. A framework to analyze partial volume effect on gray matter mean diffusivity measurements. Neuroimage. 2009 Jan 1; 44(1):136-44