2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded for “quantum dot” nanoparticle research

This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry was recently awarded to three researchers working with “quantum dots,” nanoscale crystals so small that their size determines their properties. One such property is color, which was utilized in the early 1980s by awardee Alexei Ekimov to create quantum effects in glass. Later, awardee Louis Brus demonstrated size-dependent quantum effects in particles suspended in fluids. Awardee Moungi Bawendi took quantum dots a step further, nearly perfecting their production in 1993. Today, this technology is all around us: including in your computer screen, LED lamps, and tissue mapping technology. Researchers believe this same concept can be applied to technologies like flexible electronic devices, thin solar cells, and encrypted quantum communication.

Read the full press release here.

Read the full report from the Nobel Committee for Chemistry here.

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