Summer 2023 Recap: Faculty Spotlight

BUnano faculty have been busy all throughout the summer, publishing papers presenting their innovative work and patenting their inventions. Here are this summer’s highlights:

Chuanhua Duan: Rewritable nano print of ionic liquids utilizing focused ion beam induced film wetting under review in Nature Portfolio

Jerome Mertz: High-speed multiplane confocal microscopy for voltage imaging in densely labeled neuronal populations published in Nature Neuroscience; Theta and gamma rhythmic coding through two spike output modes in the hippocampus during spatial navigation published in Cell Reports with Xue Han


Kamil Ekinci: Electrothermal actuation of NEMS resonators: Modeling and experimental validation published in Journal of Applied Physics

Keith Brown: Using 3D printing as a research tool for materials discovery published in Device; Autonomous Discovery of Tough Structures submitted to arXiv

Luca Dal Negro: Enhanced Nonlinearity of Epsilon-Near-Zero Indium Tin Oxide Nanolayers with Tamm Plasmon-Polariton States and Field theory description of the non-perturbative optical nonlinearity of epsilon-near-zero media submitted to arXiv

Mark Grinstaff: TRIPLE CONTRAST COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY REVEALS SITE-SPECIFIC BIOMECHANICAL DIFFERENCES IN HUMAN KNEE JOINT – A PROOF OF CONCEPT STUDY published in Wiley; research collaboration “New Noninvasive Light-Based Device Could Help Diagnose Osteoarthritis Early” featured in BU Today; Royal Society of Chemistry Centenary Prize awarded and featured in The Brink

Masha Kamenetska: Cooperative Self-Assembly of Dimer Junctions Driven by π Stacking Leads to Conductance Enhancement published in Nano Letters; Manipulating Quantum Interference between σ and π Orbitals in Single-Molecule Junctions via Chemical Substitution and Environmental Control published in ACS nano

Mo Khalil: Long-term evolution of proliferating cells using the eVOLVER platform published in Open Biology

Ophelia Tsui: Glass Transition of the Surface Monolayer of Polystyrene Films: Effect of Thermal Preannealing published in Macromolecules

Pinghua Liu: Correspondence on “Structural Insight into the Catalytic Mechanism of the Endoperoxide Synthase FtmOx1” published in Angewandte Chemie

Raj Mohanty: patent “Field-controlled sensor architecture and related methods” finalized with Shyam Erramilli

Sam Thiagalingam: Epigenetic Aberrations in Major Psychiatric Diseases Related to Diet and Gut Microbiome Alterations published in Genes

Shyam Erramilli: patent “Field-controlled sensor architecture and related methods” finalized with Raj Mohanty


Xi Ling: Determining the twist angle of stacked MoS2 layers using machine learning-assisted low-frequency interlayer Raman fingerprints published in Journal of Raman Spectroscopy

Xue Han: High-speed multiplane confocal microscopy for voltage imaging in densely labeled neuronal populations published in Cell Reports with Jerome Mertz

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