Jerusalem in Time and Space: The Holy City in Maps

Period 1: Urushalimum--Jebusite/Pre-Israelite

Conjectural map of the Jebusite city

Period 2: City of David--Seat of YHWH

First Temple Period/Judahite Kingdom (c1000-586BCE)

From David to Hezekiah

From David to the destruction in 586BCE

Second Temple Period (515BCE-70CE)

Satrapy Yehud: The Time of Nehemiah and Ezra (5th century BCE)

In the time of the Maccabeans (164-141BCE)

The Siege of Pompey (63BCE)

The City of Herod the Great (40-4BCE)

Herodian city with via dolorosa/sufferings of Christ (conjectural)

Period 3: Aelia-Symbol of Roman Power

Pagan City (135CE-324CE)

Map 1, Map 2, Map 3

Christian/Byzantian City (324-638)

Map 1

Period 4: Bayt al-maqdis of the caliphs (638-1099)

Map 1, Map 2

Period 5: Hierosolyma of the Latin Kingdom (1099-1187)

Map 1

Period 6: Islamization of Jerusalem under the Ayyubids and Mamluks (1187-1517)

Islamization under the Ayyubids (1187-1215)

Mamluk Jerusalem (1250-1517)

Development of the Haram Esh-sharif

Period 7: Under the Ottomans (1517-1917)

Ottoman Jerusalem

Maps showing the urban development outside of the Old City between 1850 and 1914

Period 8: Under the British Mandate (1917-1948)


The last two weeks of British rule (March-May 1948)

Period 9: UN-partition plan, war of independence and division (1947-1967)

1947 UN Partition Plan for Palestine

War of Independence (1948-49)

Period 10: Modern City/Capital of the State of Israel (1967 to the present)

Territories occupied by Israel since 1967

Boundaries of Jerusalem municipality after June 1967 war