The mission of the Statistics@Work speaker series is to expose students of all levels to how statistics is used in practice across a large swath of data science fields. The MSSP program invites speakers from industry to present on the data-centric challenges that accompany a career in their sector, and the manner in which statistical training can help meet those challenges. Opportunity for informal “meet-and-greet” follows each presentation, where students and speakers chat over refreshments.

  • Carlos Morales, Director, Global Portfolio Strategy, Liberty Mutual
  • Alok Pattani, Quantitative Analyst, Google
  • Marc L. Berger, Vice President, Real World Data and Analytics in the Global Health & Value Group, Pfizer Inc.
  • Jason Xin, Principal Data Scientist, Optum Enterprise Analytics
  • Clementine Plati, Data Scientist, TripAdvisor
  • Xiaoyu Jiang, Director, Sanofi
  • David Liu, Director of Data Science, CVS Health
  • Tom Foth, Senior Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
  • Kate Donahue, Senior Data Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton

Spring 2023 Schedule

Mary Louie

Corporate Vice President and Director

of Data Science and AI in NY Life Insurance


Data Science and AI in the

Life Insurance Industry

Mary Louie shares what it’s like to work as a

data scientist in the life insurance industry.


April 3rd, 2023

5:30PM CCDS, B64

Iyue Sung

Director, Clinical Data Science at Walgreens


Data Science in Healthcare

Iyue Sung discusses statistics as the central principle of data science

and building effective data science teams in health care.


April 17th, 2023

5:30PM CCDS, B64