Zeisberger, David (1721-1808)

Moravian apostle to the Indians

ZeisbergerBorn in Moravia (present-day Czech Republic), Zeisberger spent his childhood in Herrnhut, Germany, center of the Moravian missionary movement, where his parents had emigrated in search of religious freedom. As a youth, he accompanied Moravian missionaries to Georgia in 1738. He came into his life’s vocation when he began mission work among Native Americans in New York State in 1745. His goal was to establish conerts in villages that would provide protection from European settlers and non-Christian Native Americans. His work took him west through Pennsylvania. Despite many setbacks, he successfully established several Moravian Indian villages in eastern Ohio (present-day Tuscarawas County) beginning in 1772. However, this area soon became embroiled in hostilities marking the end of the American Revolution. While Zeisberger was defending his neutrality before British officials in Detroit in 1782, some ninety-six of his converts were massacred in Gnadenhutten, Ohio, by American militia. He eventually reestablished his mission in Fairfield, Ontario, and then led a few families back to Ohio in 1798. Efforts were made to establish new villages, but it was no longer possible to maintain exclusive communities, and the work eventually ceased. After 62 years in missionary service, Zeisberger died and was buried in Goshen, Ohio, the site of his last residence.

Zeisberger spoke several Native American languages fluently and produced a number of literary works that aided him in his efforts. These include biblical translations, hymns, catechetical materials, and general educational materials. He also produced grammatical studies and dictionaries that presented Native American languages with both English and German equivalents. Portions of his dictionaries have been published, and his manuscript “The History of the North American Indians” written in 1779-1780, has been translated and published by Archer B. Hulbert and William Schwarze in Ohio Archeological and Historical Society Publications 19 (1910): 1-173.

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Zeisberger’s manuscript materials are in the Moravian archives, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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