Vicedom, Georg Friedrich (1903-1974)

German Protestant missiologist

Photo courtesy of the Archives Mission EineWelt, Neuendettelsau, Germany
Photo courtesy of the Archives Mission EineWelt, Neuendettelsau, Germany

Vicedom was born into a farmer’s family in northern Bavaria and was trained in the seminary of Neuendettelsau, with additional ethnological preparation at Hamburg University. In 1929 he took up pioneer mission service in the highlands of central New Guinea, following the example of Christian Keysser. The outbreak of war in 1939 forced his return to Germany where he confronted the challenge of combining a leading post at the mission headquarters with teaching assignments in the mission seminary, at the church faculty of Neuendettelsau, and later, on a part-time basis, at Erlangen University. His wide-ranging publications are an indication of Vicedom’s significance as teacher and researcher. While a massive ethnological survey of the Mbowamb tribe in New Guinea (Die Mbowamb, 3 vols., 1943) established his reputation in the field of anthropology, there followed a whole range of missiological studies, centered around the biblical foundation of missions, the importance of mission for the church, and the dialogue of religions. Vicedom’s bibliography contains more than 400 titles, a dozen of them major books. He also exercised a profound influence on world Lutheranism as a whole and in the ecumenical movement. On behalf of the Presbyterian Church of Canada, Vicedom undertook a survey of Christianity among the hill tribes of Taiwan, published under the title Faith that Moves Mountains (1967). His missiological heritage will be widely remembered in connection with the term missio dei, which, though not coined by him, he interpreted with a theocentric emphasis for the theology of mission.

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