Tippett, Alan R. (1911-1988)

Australian Methodist missiologist, anthropologist, and missionary to Fiji

Tippet earned an L.Th (Melbourne College of Divinity), an M.A. in history (American University, Washington, D.C.), and a Ph.D. in anthropology (University of Oregon). He was a Methodist pastor in Australia before serving from 1941 to 1961 as a missionary in the Fiji Islands. He had unrivaled knowledge of the history of the Fiji mission, much of it gained through research into local affairs. He wrote valuable reviews of early Fijian missionaries and their work. While editor of the monthly Ai Tukutuku Vakalotu, he produced a stream of books and tracts for the Fijian church. His last four years in Fiji were as principal of the Methodist Theological Seminary, where he raised the educational standard. Under his direction, the first Fijian students earned their L.Th. diplomas from Melbourne College of Divinity.

Tippett’s missiological research for various mission agencies and boards took him to Mexico, the Solomon Islands, Polynesia, Ethiopia, and Navajo Indian reservations in North America. From his extensive studies in the South Pacific came his classic Solomon Islands Christianity (1967). He was an authority on animism and, in 1974, addressed the Lausanne International Congress of World Evangelization on the subject.

From 1965 to 1977 he was professor of anthropology and oceanic studies at Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of World Mission, Pasadena, California. He became a colleague and friend of Donald McGavran, leader of the church growth movement. In response to what he felt were subbiblical attacks on the movement, he wrote Church Growth and the Word of God (1970). In 1977 he retired to his native Australia to prepare a number of manuscripts for publication. They eventually appeared in Introduction to Missiology (1987).

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