Pike, Kenneth Lee (1912-2000)

Linguist and Bible translator

kpikeBorn in Connecticut in a Presbyterian family, Pike’s career dates from 1935, when he began to translate the New Testament into Mixtec, a language of Mexico, and soon became a leader of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL). His Ph.D. in linguistics (university of Michigan, 1942), his translation work, his teaching linguistics to prospective and active Bible translators at SIL training programs, and his wide-ranging research led to important discoveries about language that have strongly influenced missionary linguistics. He taught linguistics part-time at the University of Michigan from 1948 to 1977 and traveled worldwide to consult with Bible translators and others on linguistic problems, holding seminars, and lecturing, a practice he continued in retirement. Pike’s earliest work was on the sound structures of languages and included books on phonetics, the linguistic analysis of sound systems, tone languages, and English intonation. He then developed “tagmemics,” an extensive theory of language and its relation to culture. He also wrote scores of papers on linguistic phenomena he found in different parts of the world, as well as poetry and prose expressions of his life and faith. Later he studied philosophy, searching for ways to inject his Christian understanding and linguistic insights into that field. Much of Pike’s research and theoretical work as been done to meet the needs of translators, part of its stimulus coming out of the linguistic problems he and others were finding. A second motive has been to give SIL workers credibility with scholars and government officials through producing his own theoretically insightful and descriptively sound scholarly work, and stimulating colleagues to do the same. Pike’s wife, Evelyn (Griset), has been a close collaborator in much of his later work. Eunice Victoria Pike, his sister, was one of the first two women Bible translators with SIL and made useful linguistic contributions as well.

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