Pfeiffer, Edward (1857-1926)

Pioneer American theorist of missions

Pfeiffer was a graduate of Capital University and Seminary, Columbus, Ohio, and served as a Lutheran pastor before joining the faculty there in 1899. From 1902 he taught in the seminary and was known as a strong advocate of missions. In 1908 he published Mission Studies, which went through several editions. It was the first systematic treatment of the theory and practice of misions in English. He showed awareness of this history of American missions and drew on the thought of Rufus Anderson, especially as reflected in the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Outline of Missionary Policy (1856). But the structure of his work depended directly on the German missiologist Gustav Warneck. Although not a student of Warneck, he accepted Warneck’s theoretical framework. Pfeiffer divided his work into to parts: this history of missions, and the theory or principles of missions. He recognized that mission studies were as yet inadequately defined and deserved more careful development.

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