Kumm, (Hermann) Karl Wilhelm (1874-1930) and Lucy Evangeline [Guinness] (1865-1906)

Founders of the Sudan United Mission (SUM)

Kumm-cropped-redoKumm, born in Wiesbaden, Germany, felt called to missionary work among Muslims. He was serving with the North Africa Mission in Egypt when, in 1899, he met Henry Grattan Guinness, the celebrated evangelist, and his daughter, Lucy. Lucy Guinness was known as a writer and editor, and a Christian worker in London’s East End. She and Kumm were married in Cairo early in 1900; two sons were born, in 1901 and 1902. In 1901 the Sudan Pioneer Mission was begun; in 1904 Karl Kumm and two others left for Tripoli to study Hausa. In 1904 Lucy, in England with her children, convened a meeting of supporters for the work, renamed the Sudan United Mission. Karl completed a fact-finding expedition to the Upper Benue River area, spent Christmas 1905 with his family in England, and soon afterwards left for the United States, where Lucy and her sons joined him at Northfield, Massachusetts, nearby D. L. Moody‘s conference center. In July 1906 he left for the Sudan, and shortly afterward in Northfield, Lucy suffered a miscarriage and died as a consequence. Lucy’s sister, Geraldine Taylor, took care of the children until Kumm’s remarriage in 1911. The work of the mission continued and expanded, with branches in British Commonwealth countries, Europe, and the United States. Kumm continued as its leader and director until 1924; in 1925 he retired to California. Today the society founded by the Kumms is known as Action Partners—Christians Reaching the World. The largest national churches arising from the work of SUM are the Church of Christ in Nigeria and the Sudanese Church of Christ (Nuba Mountains, Sudan).

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