Guinness, Henry Grattan (1835-1910)

British evangelist, author, and missionary trainer

Born in Dublin of a nonconformist family related to the wealthy brewers of the same name, Guinness briefly studied theology and then, in 1857, became an independent evangelist of the second Evangelical Awakening. He spent 15 years traveling and preaching in Britain, Europe, and North America. In 1860 he married Fanny Fitzgerald, which strengthened his Plymouth Brethren ties. She traveled with him and also became a well-known speaker. As friends and supporters of James Hudson Taylor, they offered to go with him to China but were refused on account of their age. In 1872 the Guinnesses settled in East London and founded Harley College, a training institute for missionaries; later a northern branch was established at Cliff House, Derbyshire. Their interest in the Congo led to the founding of the Livingstone Inland Mission (1878) and later the Congo and Balolo Mission (1889), which became the Regions Beyond Missionary Union. In 1878 Guinness published The Approaching End of the Age, the first of several books by him on prophecy, eschatology, world history, and Zionism that led to new demands for him to speak on biblical prophecy. His wife died in 1898. In 1903 he married Grace Hurditch (b. 1878), who bore him two more sons. They traveled widely for five years and on their return settled in Bath. He became involved with the affairs of the Congo Reform Association, visiting the Congo in 1910, shortly before his death. All four surviving children of his first marriage worked as missionaries overseas: his daughter Geraldine, a prolific writer, married Hudson Taylor’s son Howard; Lucy married Karl Kumm, founder of the Sudan United Mission; (G)ershom Whitfield Guinness also served with the CIM; and Harry Guinness worked with the Congo and Balolo Mission.

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