French, Thomas Valpy (1825-1891)

Missionary evangelist, educator, and Islamicist in India

Born in England, French served with the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in India during the second half of the nineteenth century. His early years in the Northwest Provinces (1850-1863) saw the emergence of the two motifs which marked his missiology. The first was education as a means of evangelism. In Agra he founded and developed St. John’s College, a secondary school that offered quality education to Hindu and Muslim children. His second passion was for direct evangelism. Cofounder of the Derajat Mission in the frontier regions of Baluchistan, he was reputed as the “seven-tongued evangelist.” His skill in languages and appreciation of poetry combined to make him an effective if controversial preacher in village markets.

The second phase of French’s life was committed to nurturing the growth of an indigenous Indian convert church. In 1869 he founded St. John’s Divinity School in Lahore for the training of Indian Christian pastors. After several years of teaching, he was appointed Anglican bishop of Lahore in 1877. To encourage the Indian church to acquire the best of theological education, he founded the Cambridge-Delhi Mission. To help root the Indian church in Indian culture, independent of foreign cultural norms, he pioneered the preparation of theological literature that respected Indian literary traditions, and he experimented with indigenous patterns of worship reflecting the cultural backgrounds of Muslim and Hindu converts. The catholicity of an indigenous church required ecumenical openness, for which he articulated the vision of “one common church for all India.” In these ways he foresaw the indigenous Indian church being able to take over the task of evangelism from the Western missionary.

French retired to Britain in 1887, but four years later he responded to a CMS call for evangelists to Arabia. The last months of his life were spent as an itinerant preacher in Muscat, where he hoped to find ways of bringing the gospel to the historical heartland of Islam. His death in 1891 shortly predated the formation of the (American) Arabia Mission, which was inspired by his example.

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