Evarts, Jeremiah (1781-1831)

evartsEarly leader of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM)Evarts was an influential editor and a prominent advocate of Indian rights and civic and religious causes. Educated at Yale College (B.A., 1802; M.A. 1805), he married Mehitabel Barnes in 1804 and was admitted to the Connecticut bar in 1806. In 1810 he moved to Boston to edit the Panoplist, an organ of orthodox Congregationalism. The next year he was elected treasurer of the newly formed ABCFM, and in 1812 he became a member of the board and of its prudential committee. At the same time the Panoplist became an official ABCFM organ (renamed Missionary Herald in 1820).

When Samuel Worcester, corresponding secretary of the ABCFM, died in 1821, Evarts succeeded him, continuing also as editor. In spite of persistent ill health, he traveled extensively on behalf of the ABCFM and among its missions to the Cherokees, Chickasaws, and Choctaws. Evarts became deeply involved in the issue of Indian rights, combating the frontier mentality reflected in Andrew Jackson’s policy of displacing the tribes. His articles in major periodicals, later published in book form, together with his lobbying in Washington and elsewhere, were central in the struggle; his strenuous efforts contributed to his early death. He was prominent in many other causes—the American Bible Society, training for the ministry, and temperance and Sabbatarian movements.

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