Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

The Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) is a graduate weekend program designed for students who wish to combine a technical competence in computer science and information systems with a knowledge of managerial and organizational issues. Students receive training in both the modern techniques of management and the technology of computer systems.

  • Boston University’s Metropolitan College is recognized by the NSA (National Security Agency) and the Department of Homeland Security as a National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education and Research.
  • Programs are certified by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS).
  • Students have access to BU’s Center for Reliable Information Systems and Cyber Security (RISCS) research consortium.
  • The program design is accelerated and formatted over five-semesters.
  • Students can begin any semester— the courses are in a continuous sequence.
  • Those PCS’d before graduating can petition to complete remaining courses online.
  • Coursework for the MSCIS can be completed in approximately 20–24 months.

Students who complete the master’s degree in Computer Information Systems will be able to demonstrate:

  • Advanced knowledge in the analysis and documentation of requirements for architecture, design, and implementation of computer applications systems.
  • Proficiency in software and computing skills as they pertain to the design and implementation of database systems, data communications, systems analysis, and design.
  • Competence sufficient to identify current and emerging information technologies that may have strategic value for enterprise; assess where those technologies have value; and manage the implementation of those technologies in the enterprise.


  • MET CS 200 Fundamentals of Information Technology

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) program consists of ten 4-credit courses for a total of 40 credit hours.

Core Courses

  • MET CS 520 Information Structures with Java
  • MET CS 625 Business Data Communication and Networks
  • MET CS 669 Database Design and Implementation for Business
  • MET CS 682 Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • MET CS 782 IT Strategy and Management
Students should visit for a full list of concentration requirements, courses, and descriptions.