Teaching & Learning

Classroom Audio/Visual Equipment & Support

MET IT maintains and supports several conference rooms, two teaching studios and a media lab at the 1010 Commonwealth Avenue location. Additional information about the equipment available in each of the supported rooms can be found on the Meeting & Teaching page in our Collaboration Services section. If you need to find a classroom or conference space outside of 1010, please visit the Find a Classroom page on the Learning & Event Technology Services website.

Instructional Video Services (MyMedia, Echo360, Instructional Video)

MET IT supports the use of Kaltura Capture through the MyMedia platform, as well as help with the scheduling and management of recordings using the Echo360 systems found in teaching spaces across campus. Finally, we are able to provide a number of devices to help with classroom and personal recording efforts, including a number of options for handwriting capture. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Instructional Video Services page.

LMS Support (Blackboard)

Blackboard Learn is the LMS technology used to help facilitate both on-campus and off-campus classes for BU. If you should be having issues with a MET College course in Blackboard, please have a look at our Blackboard Support page.

Cloud Services at BU

In order for students, faculty and staff to perform some of their technical work, several Cloud Based Services have been made available for use. These services have been selected to help with projects relating to heavy computation, server/database creation and hosting, and even the distribution of many of Microsoft’s software packages for classroom and business use. For more information on the various platforms available, please visit our Cloud Services page.

IT Onboarding

In an effort to assist our new hires come up to speed on the various technologies they will be using during their day-to-day tasks, MET IT offers One-on-One Training sessions that cover the following topics:

  • Confirmation of account access to all required services
  • Brief overview of key tools such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, etc.
  • Important resources regarding cyber security, privacy and IT training