Zoom Security

The following measures have been put in place to protect MET Departmental Meetings & Live Classrooms:

  1. Hosts & Co-Hosts can mute any or all participants in a meeting.

    • Hosts & Co-Hosts can also prevent participants from unmuting themselves. Uncheck this option:
  2. Hosts can remove any participant from the meeting via the “Manage Participants” tab. Once removed the person can’t re-enter the meeting.
  3. Screen sharing has been limited to Hosts and Co-Hosts only. Particpants can only share their screen if granted by a Host or Co-Host.
  4. Enable a Waiting Room. Hosts can choose to let attendees into the meeting.
  5. Hosts can lock the meeting. This will prevent anyone else from joining.

Starting Summer 2020 all MET courses utilizing the MET Live Classroom Bb integration, as well as our Departmental Zoom Meetings, were updated to have Password Protection & Secure Join Links.

For more information on keeping your Zoom meeting safe, please contact us.