Zoom at MET

As of March 12, 2022, all Zoom recordings older than 180 days will be deleted (except for those in the range of January 1st 2020 to June 1st 2020). Please make sure to fill out our Recording Request Form to ensure your recording(s) are archived for future viewing.

Utilized for classes, events, webinars, and meetings, there is a multitude of ways in which Zoom can be used and accessed.

At Metropolitan College there are three main Zoom Categories:

  • Course-Centric – Live Classroom Integration with Blackboard. The meeting and account are associated with a specific class not to a single user. This method allows a user’s role in Blackboard (Faculty, TA, Student) to determine their role in Zoom (Host, Co-Host, Participant). Currently used in all MET On-Campus, Blended/Hybrid, Summer Term, and CPE Online classes.
  • Event-Centric – A meeting created for a Department or Special Event. Managed by designated users. This method allows multiple staff members to share responsibility for Hosting and running meetings or events.
  • User-Centric – An account and meetings created and managed an individual person. The account and meetings are associated with a faculty or staff’s BU Account.

Regardless of the category there are certain fundamentals that every Zoom user should be familiar with.

Zoom Basics Everyone Should Know: