Collaboration Technology

Meeting & Event Support and Training

MET IT provides services to enhance a meeting or event with state-of-the-art equipment supported by professional technicians and client technology support specialists. Please the following pages for additional information:

  • Meeting & Teaching: Details about our spaces, including the available technology and pictures.
  • Event Planning: Guidelines for planning and running a successful event.

In addition, please contact us for training on any of the available equipment.

SharePoint Services

MET SharePoint is a hosted cloud-based platform that provides communications and collaboration services. MET Sharepoint consists of the central site and departmental sites for every department at MET. Each departmental site contains the following:

  • Shared Storage (default): SharePoint acts as the storage location for all of your department’s digital files.
  • Shared Calendar (default): SharePoint has a basic calendar that can be viewed and edited by anyone that is part of the department.
  • Wikis (optional): SharePoint comes with a Wiki tool that allows you to create detailed documentation of various processes in your department.
  • Microsoft Tool Integration (optional): SharePoint allows for the connection and integration to tools such as Planner and OneNote.

Email & Calendars

MET IT supports Microsoft Exchange mailing lists and shared calendars. SecureMail is available for faculty and staff who require encryption on their outgoing content-sensitive e-mails. Please contact us for access and details.

Web Conferencing Support
Zoom is a web conferencing software that MET IT supports for use in the conference room as well as the classroom. Please visit our Web Conferencing page for access links for departmental meeting links and basic instructions. Please contact us for classroom meeting links and assistance.