Client Technology

Hardware Purchasing & Support

MET IT will purchase, install and support all approved standard hardware including laptops, monitors, docking stations, and other equipment. Each full-time employee at MET is entitled to one laptop. Please see our Hardware Center page for details on standards and how to request new hardware.

Software Licensing & Distribution

MET IT provides support for a wide range of applications installed and in use throughout the college. We provide technical assistance with installation and troubleshooting. Please see our Software Center page for details of common applications used on campus.

Virtual Computer Labs

The MET Virtual Computer Labs (VLabs) is a cloud-based platform that enables students, faculty, and staff to remotely access specialized or course-specific software using PC, MAC, Chromebook. MET VLabs are available to all students, faculty, and staff of MET College. Please see our Virtual Lab page for details on how to request and access VLabs.

Printing Services

  • MET IT procures and maintains all┬áRICOH Multi-Function Printers for faculty and staff use.
  • MET IT hosts a local server to support mainframe (UIS) printing

Please contact us for access and assistance.

Remote Access Services

MET IT has compiled a number of resources to help you meet and work remotely when needed from anywhere. Please visit our Remote Access page for more details.

Research Computing

MET IT is able to create special virtual environments for faculty and staff for testing and research purposes. Please see our Research Computing page for details on options and how to request this service.

Bloomberg Terminal Lab

MET IT and the Administrative Science Department have come together to offer students and faculty access to Bloomberg Terminal. This offering is part of the Bloomberg for Education Program and provides powerful tools for users to gain valuable skills necessary for a career in finance.