International Business Management Undergraduate Certificate

In today’s changing business environment, individuals frequently find they need to update or obtain new skills in specific business areas. To this end, the Department of Administrative Sciences offers an Undergraduate Certificate in International Business Management.

Students who complete the Undergraduate Certificate in International Business Management will be able to demonstrate:

  • Basic knowledge of corporations, and how they operate in the global competitive market.
  • A knowledge-base that prepares them for graduate business work in the future.


(Four courses/16 credits)

Emphasizes issues of accounting, finance, and economics that are important in most management contexts. Introduction to tools of financial analysis and the problems of financial management including cash, profitability, and capital budgeting. Various sources of corporate funds are considered - short-, intermediate-, and long-term arrangements . Stresses understanding financial statements, planning and control, cost and benefit evaluation, cash flow analysis, and capital budgeting.   [ 4 cr. ]

Section Type Instructor Location Days Times
A1 IND Passacantand CAS 233 M 6:00 pm – 8:45 pm

Environmental, economic, political, and social constraints on doing business abroad. Examines the effects of overseas business investments on domestic and foreign economics; foreign market analysis and operational strategy of a firm; and development potential of international operations.   [ 4 cr. ]

Section Type Instructor Location Days Times
D1 IND Lee MUG 205 R 6:00 pm – 8:45 pm

This course examines the international business, legal and regulatory environment. Topics include international legal comparisons, the international sale of goods, imports, and exports, technology transfer, intellectual property protection and forms, and regulations of foreign direct investment.  [ 4 cr. ]

Section Type Instructor Location Days Times
A1 IND Barry CAS 213 M 6:00 pm – 8:45 pm

Plus one course, selected with advisor approval, which serves to enhance the student’s understanding of the business environment.

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