Master of Science in Supply Chain Management concentration in Global Business

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management concentration in Global Business provides an understanding of the issues that arise when managing global business structures, including decision-making competency in the areas of international trade, logistics, and multinational finance. Program components include principles and techniques that concern the economic, social, political, market, technological, and environmental context of global business. The concentration is ideal for those who seek to learn how strategic leaders, senior professionals, and business practitioners plan, organize, manage, and lead global business organizations. The program examines different responses of American, European, and Asian firms to a global economy within an historic and evolving context. Various conflicting demands of national governments, interest groups, corporations, unions, NGOs, and consumers are often expressed in terms of ethical and social responsibility.

Students who complete the Supply Chain Management master’s degree concentration in Global Business will be able to:

  • Articulate the major international trade mechanisms and purposes of key international institutions.
  • Assess the major political economies and the requirements for doing business internationally, including in developed and developing countries.
  • Understand the cultural differences in doing business in international settings, including the most critical laws, directives, and regulations.
  • Direct the preparation of a strategic plan to make a foreign direct investment or some alternative form for doing business in an international market.
  • Develop a framework for incorporating stakeholder engagement, including a code of conduct and ethical standards for the company.
  • Conduct a due diligence audit of a potential acquisition of a supply chain partner.

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