Core Faculty - Hyunuk Kim

Hyunuk Kim

Assistant Professor, Administrative Sciences

A data scientist whose work extends across myriad disciplines, Hyunuk Kim’s research aims to understand how individuals process information and collectively shape sociotechnical systems. Through the use of network science, natural language processing, and machine learning methods, Dr. Kim seeks to identify latent factors of knowledge creation, cultural evolution, and misinformation spread on social media. Kim’s research has been applied to diverse fields including anthropology, innovation, sports analytics, social media, and healthcare. His 2020 paper, “Leveraging volunteer fact-checking to identify misinformation about COVID-19 in social media,” with Dylan Walker, inspired the social media platform Twitter to launch Birdwatch, a community-driven approach to tackling misinformation. Prior to joining BU MET, Kim was a postdoctoral associate in the Information Systems Department at Boston University Questrom School of Business and the Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy, and, as a teaching assistant, helped to develop BU’s Python and Neural Networks course.