Whether Knitting or Baking, MET Staff Stay Busy During Quarantine

For its many challenges and complications, the 2020 global pandemic has afforded people the benefit of more hours to themselves. With staying busy more important than ever, BU Today investigated what members of the BU community were doing with their newfound time. Katherine Meyer Moran, MET’s director of Alumni Relations & Development, and Megan Nocivelli, lecturer of Administrative Sciences, shared what new hobbies they have adopted since the beginnings of quarantine with BU’s online news hub.

For Nocivelli, serenity has come via needlework. “I had been thinking about knitting again and with the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order, it seemed like a good time to start up again,” she told BU Today.

Taking a page from MET’s Programs in Food & Wine, Meyer Moran began baking her own bread—which has given her warm feelings even after her loaves are out of the oven. “It’s been a treat, in a dark time, to share it with family, friends, and neighbors,” she said.

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