Jacques Pépin Gives Simple Lesson on Making the Perfect French Omelet

When Jacques Pépin was making his bones in the Parisian kitchens of the 1950s, being tasked with preparing the perfect French omelet was a test chefs would use to judge the technique and mastery of their young counterparts.

Decades and many broken eggs later, Chef Pépin, the cofounder of BU MET’s Certificate in the Culinary Arts and MA in Gastronomy programs, has hardly lost his passion for the simple pleasure of preparing eggs. A television veteran, he recently joined WBZ’s New England Living for a brief lesson on the subject.

Chef Pépin has been a part-time faculty member at BU since 1983, and today BU MET offers the Pépin Lecture Series in Food Studies & Gastronomy—free lessons and lectures led by world-renowned culinary minds.

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