Have you ever wondered how to take your passion for wine and transform it into a career in the industry?

Boston University’s Certificate Program in Wine Studies is a proven pathway to making that dream a reality, through a structured, tiered education that develops the needed know-how to make wine your profession, no matter your background.

Take Charlie Gaeta Jr., for example. It wasn’t long ago that he was working in finance, in a role that left him yearning for a taste of something different. He wanted a change, so he enrolled in the Certificate Program in Wine Studies at Metropolitan College’s Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center. Studying under some of the most experienced masters in the field, he committed himself to studying through the programs progressive levels: building a foundation of wine studies in Level 1; developing a more comprehensive degree of knowledge in Level 2; and learning about wine’s many varietals in Level 3.

Today, Gaeta Jr. is a professional sommelier at Bubble Bath in Boston, having achieved his ambition to change fields. It’s been a smashing success, as he was recently named to Boston Common’s Power List of “culinary trailblazers” in New England, which won him local acclaim in his hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts when the Daily Item featured him as a local achiever of note.

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