Kip Becker

Professor Kip Becker

Associate Professor Emeritus, Administrative Sciences

PhD, Florida State University
MBA, Wilmington College
MA, BA, University of Delaware

Dr. Becker has published more than sixty articles and book chapters, both nationally and internationally, in the areas of international management, electronic commerce, strategy, marketing, and global service sector issues. He serves as editor of the Journal of Transnational Management and co-editor of the Journal of Euromarketing. He is on the editorial review boards of Advances in Competitiveness Research, International Journal of Organizational Analysis, PRAGYAA—Journal of Management, Strategic Outsourcing, The Journal of Teaching in International Business, and the Journal of Business and Information Technology. Becker is a member of the board of the International Management Development Association and is country director for the United States, Board of the European and Mediterranean (EuroMed) Research Business Institute (EMRBI). Additionally, he has owned a waterfront restaurant and is president of Northwind Management International, which conducts management training and consulting with companies, governments, and associations worldwide. He is a prolific researcher who oversees graduate, undergraduate, online, and international program development and implementation. Becker teaches courses in electronic commerce, international business, marketing, and strategy. In 2012, Becker was honored for 25 years of contributions to international business marketing by the Academy for Global Business Advancement.

What advice do you have for new students?

Consider what the world will be like in ten years and plan your education to provide you with the skills necessary to compete in that highly competitive international environment.

MET Magazine Commencement 2012


Professor Becker was honored for 25 years of contributions to the field of international marketing. Read all about it.