This academic year Boston University students will have a choice of attending in-person classes or taking classes remotely under a new hybrid teaching format the University is calling Learn from Anywhere (LfA). This course format allows faculty to simultaneously provide face-to-face and online delivery modalities. It accommodates on campus and online student populations at the same time, and gives the University the ability to switch to fully remote mode, if necessary. This website is a resource for MET faculty and staff to learn more about implementing the LfA format.

MET LfA Guidelines
Template Syllabus & Rotation Information
Classroom Moderators
BU LfA Resources
LfA Guidelines Development Process


Exclusively at MET, the MET Technology Support Team will prepare a Blackboard course site shell for all courses. Each MET instructor will receive a course-specific email that includes a direct link to their course site along with detailed instructions on how to copy content from previous course sites. MET Blackboard sites include an integrated button to start Zoom online meetings and a corresponding recording library that automatically publishes links to the recorded Zoom sessions.

MET LfA Guidelines Document

The MET LfA Guidelines document for faculty outlines the requirements for the LfA classroom and additional suggestions. It provides basic guidelines, information on technology support, a timeline for the College, and a table of optional and required synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning activities with suggestions to meet credit hour requirements, and resource and support notes for each activity in the table.

Template Syllabus & Rotation Information

Please use the 2020 LfA Syllabus Template for your LfA courses. It includes policies for students on compliance for BU Health Commitments and Expectations including face coverings, symptom attestation, testing, contact tracing, quarantine, and isolation, and classroom expectations. It also includes general information for students about rotations.

Classrooms on campus have new reduced capacities that meet the physical distance requirements issued by state and local health and government authorities. In the case that a classroom does not have the necessary space and seating to meet the physical distance requirements, students who opt to attend in person may be asked to adopt a rotating schedule, e.g. every other week. If this occurs, please coordinate a rotation schedule with your students.

BU Classroom Moderators

The LfA classroom moderator is intended to be a facilitator of remote student engagement via Zoom, assisting the faculty members teaching in the classroom to handle the simultaneous and remote modality. They are expected to provide first-line support for classroom technology, but they cannot provide any discipline specific support. Moderators can be requested for courses expected to have more than 20 students that do not have a TA using the LfA Classroom Moderator Request Form.

MET LfA Faculty Coaches

LfA Faculty Coaches serve as a peer guide to faculty in their school. For faculty support on LfA issues please send questions through your Course Coordinators and Program Directors, who will put you in touch with the appropriate Faculty Coaches.

  • Scott Arena, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
  • Madhu Dutta Koehler, Associate Professor of the Practice and Director, City Planning & Urban Affairs
  • Canan Gunes Corlu, Associate Professor, Administrative Sciences; Coordinator, Supply Chain Management
  • Eugene Pinsky, Associate Professor of the Practice, Computer Science; Coordinator, Software Development
  • Kia Teymourian, Assistant Professor, Computer Science; Coordinator, Programming Languages
  • Irena Vodenska, Associate Professor of Finance, Administrative Sciences; Director, Finance Programs
  • Vladi Zlatev, Associate Professor of the Practice and Director of Digital Learning, Administrative Sciences; Coordinator, Applied Business Analytics

Learn from Anywhere – Remote Learning Tips for Students

The following document provides remote learning tips for students on technology, engagement, time management, communication, netiquette, steps to prepare, and accommodations through Disability & Access Services. Please share the Remote Learning Tips Document with your students.

BU LfA Resources

LfA Guidelines Development Process

The MET LfA implementation process started with the formation of the MET LfA Guidelines Working Group, who were charged to develop the procedures and requirements for MET LfA courses. The Working Group defined the requirements for LfA classes, including the required teaching support, and the implementation timeline. Members include representation from ETI, ODE, MET IT, and all MET LfA Faculty Coaches.

The MET LfA Guidelines Working Group created the Guidelines Document and shared the working document at the summer Faculty Council meetings for feedback. The final draft of the Guidelines were presented to the MET Faculty Council on July 30, and the faculty voted to endorse the document by majority on August 6.