Boston Medical Center Employee Scholarship

If you’re eligible for benefits as an employee at Boston Medical Center (BMC), Boston University’s Metropolitan College offers a special scholarship that can help bring your education objectives within reach.

The BMC Employee Scholarship provides a 50 percent reduction on tuition, and can be applied to Metropolitan College’s wide variety of programs in areas such as information technology, administrative studies, management studies, biomedical laboratory & clinical sciences, bachelor’s degree completion, and many others.

Benefits-eligible Boston Medical Center employees who work 24 hours per week or more can enroll in undergraduate or graduate Metropolitan College courses on the Boston University Charles River Campus or Medical Campus with a 50 percent reduction in tuition. The scholarship only applies to Metropolitan College courses held at the Charles River Campus and Medical Campus, and excludes online programs and corporate sites. Scholarship awards do not apply to registration fees, laboratory fees, or textbooks.

Financial Resources

Other financial resources for BMC employees include BMC Tuition Reimbursement, the BMC President’s Scholarship, and the 1199SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund.

All of these sources of financial assistance require approval before you start the class.

For more information, please contact:

Sharon May
Director, Organizational Effectiveness
Phone: 617-414-5767

In order to receive the 50 percent tuition scholarship, all the following steps must be completed for each semester you are taking Metropolitan College courses on the Charles River or Medical campuses.

  1. Register: Please register for your courses at least one month before the first day of class. The earlier you register, the smoother your registration process will be. Print and complete a registration form, and fax it to:Boston University Office of the University Registrar
    RE: BMC Employee/MET student at Charles River Campus
    Fax: 617-358-1689
    Phone: 617-353-3612 Upon registration, the full tuition for your course(s) will be applied to your student account. Your account will be credited for the 50 percent tuition reduction pending completion of the steps below.
  2. Email the Boston University Metropolitan College Director of Outreach and Partnerships, Jacqueline Corcoran: In order to receive the 50 percent BMC Employee Scholarship each semester that you take classes—after you have registered—you must email your BMC employee ID number, BU ID number, and the name and number of the course for which you have registered to Jacqueline Corcoran at so she can verify your employee status. Boston University Metropolitan College will bill you for 50 percent of the full price of the course, a small registration fee, and any applicable laboratory fees. To remain eligible for the scholarship, you must pay your bill on time.
  3. Monitor Your Student Account Online*: Please monitor your student account online, through the Student Link, with your Boston University email address and Kerberos password (directions on setting up a BU email account can be found here). Alternately, you may call Student Accounts at 617-353-2264 to check your balance. The credit to your account should be applied well in advance of the payment deadline. *It is necessary to make payment to the balance of your student account by the payment deadline (found on the Student Accounting Services website), so as not to incur any late fees. If your balance still reflects 100 percent of the tuition, arrangements must be made with Student Accounts to pay at least 50 percent of the balance by the payment deadline.
  4. Request Reimbursement from BMC: If you have been approved by BMC Organizational Development and Training or the 1199SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund (TUF) for Tuition Reimbursement, be sure that you submit your grade and proof of payment in accordance with OD&T or TUF requirements. For questions, please contact Sharon May at 617-414-5767 or

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please call Jacqueline Corcoran at 617-353-6001 or email .