Guiding Principles for On-Campus Events

BU Faculty and Staff

You may submit a space request, but your reservation will not be confirmed until we receive a completed Event Checklist.

Event Checklist

Student Organizations

Student organizations should work with Student Activities directly, prior to submitting your space request, and should NOT submit this online form. Reservations will be notified by SAO of your event moving forward and that the checklist guidelines have been met.


Boston University continues to adhere to the Policy of University-Sponsored Campus Meetings, Events, and Gatherings for the Spring 2021 Semester. Events & Conferences will provide guidance to University departments regarding the university, city, and state regulations that need to be strictly followed; Student Activities will provide guidance to all registered student organizations and associations.

Conditions for Meetings, Activities, Events, & Gatherings

“Attendees” shall be defined as members of the Boston University community (faculty, staff, or currently enrolled students) and specifically excludes the general public, campus visitors or guests.

  • The current state capacity restriction is a maximum of 60 people for an indoor event and 100 people for an outdoor event.
  • All attendees are expected to be physically distanced from each other by 6 feet in all directions.
  • All attendees will be required to use a face covering or mask at all times during the event, unless the attendee is eating or drinking.
  • All attendees will be required to display a current, green status BU COVID compliance badge on a mobile device.
  • In-person, on-campus events may not be open to the general public, per the Policy Regarding Campus Visitors During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Visitor participation must be approved by the Dean of Students or by deans of the individual schools and colleges.
  • All events must have an end time of 9:30 pm.
  • Prohibited activities for indoor and outdoor events/gatherings, under current state and city regulations, include (but are not limited to) singing, dance floors, playing of brass and wind instruments, street fairs, and lawn games. Please contact Events & Conferences for more information.
  • STUDENT GROUPS: Please refer to "Important COVID19 Information for Student Organizations" to plan your gathering.
  • Venue Restrictions
    • All meetings, events, and gatherings in locations used as classrooms must use the setup of the room as is. Classroom furniture should not be moved within the room to create a different room setup, nor can it be moved out of the room (regardless of whether there is more furniture than needed).
    • Capacities of OUR classrooms for academic classes are calculated differently than for in-person events; as a result, the same room may have different capacities for classes and extracurricular activities. All gatherings not related to a credit-bearing class must follow event capacities.
    • Outdoor events may require a City permit; a minimum of 30 days will be required to obtain such permits.
    • All outdoor events and gatherings will require the designated event area to be cordoned off with separate means of ingress and egress.
    • All outdoor locations are required to post standard university COVID signage pertaining to distancing, mask-wearing, and occupancy limit. The Area Manager can advise if existing signage can be moved to the outdoor location for the event or gathering.
    • Hand sanitizers must be made available at all points of entry and exit, and can be requested through Facilities Management – Custodial.
    • Trash cans must be made available at outdoor events with food/beverage and can be requested through Facilities Management - Custodial or Trucking.
    • Food/beverage may not be available at all locations. See Food Service information below.
  • Registration or ticketing should be used whenever possible, although is not required, and attendee names verified upon entrance.
  • More than the maximum number of attendees will be permitted to attend a multi-hour event provided they have registered for specific time slots, do not arrive more than five minutes prior to their start time, and attendees already at the event are cleared before the new cohort enters.
  • A member of the sponsoring organization or department must be present at all events (held inside or outdoors) to strictly monitor the number of attendees and ensure that each attendee is maintaining a physical distance of no less than six (6) feet from other attendees and using a face covering or mask.
  • Completion of event checklist (including site diagrams where needed) will be required before space is confirmed for all on-campus events.
  • Food Service Guidelines Effective through Summer 2021

    BU Dining Services will work with departments, student organizations, and associations to bring catered meals, boxed lunches, or snacks to your meetings, events, and other activities. Menus of hot and cold boxed meals and single-service, packaged snack items have been created for department and student events under the following conditions:

    • Catering must be contactless – all food and beverages will be placed in single-use containers.
    • Catering staff, wearing proper personal protective equipment, will provide drop-off and set-up service only.
    • There will be no waitstaff, and bar service is not permitted at any event.
    • Catering staff will not provide and deliver more food than allowed by state and city regulations in a particular space.
    • Residential dining halls will work with student organizations and associations to develop special menus that cater to particular student groups or to celebrate a holiday.
    • Cultural student organizations may use non-University caterers, if deemed a better option. Non-University caterers will be expected to follow individual packaging guidelines, as well as all other Catering on the Charles regulations to ensure proper handling, temperature, and distribution of food on campus. If the non-University caterer is not able to do this, Catering on the Charles will provide individual packaging and proper temperature controls/distribution as a fee for service.